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Boulder handyman and trade contractor. Free estimates.

We turn key projects such as bath, kitchen, and basement remodels.

Reach out to us at 303-856-6312 call or text. We love detailed texts with pictures.

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Specializing in the following

Handyman work and small remodeling projects such as bathrooms, basements, and kitchens.

3D design work that integrates your ideas and desired finishes.

Experienced with unique and custom projects.

Artisan carpentry and woodworking including router and lathe work.

We create custom pieces to match historical carpentry and trim.

Cabinets, vanities, doors, windows, trim, shelves, window seats, stairs, railings and more. 

Stain or paint grade.

Custom tile installations including bathrooms, kitchens, floors, accent walls, backsplash, tops and more.

Non-load bearing projects such as moving interior walls and doors or enclosing an area.


We are also skilled at

All residential trade work except roofing and HVAC.

Drywall and paint. Install, repairs, texture, matching paint.

Paint and stain. We generally apply the finishes to our own work.

Flooring installs such as LVP, composites, wood, tile, etc.

Exterior decks, railings, and steps.

Light electrical and plumbing that generally don’t require moving fixtures.


Increase your home’s beauty and functionality

Small and Custom Remodeling

3D Design Work


Installation and Repairs

Real Estate Flips

House or Condo Make Readies

Custom Woodworking and Trim

Custom and Design Tile

Decorating and Wallpaper

Kitchen and Bath

Cabinets and Vanities

Windows and Doors

Carpentry, Tile, Paint, Drywall

Exact Match Paint and Texturing

Outdoor Decks, Steps, and Rails

Electrical Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures

Finish Work and Punch Out

Interior and Exterior

What our customer’s are saying about us

We just lost our home in the Marshall Fire and moved to Boulder while dealing with the house that burned in Louisville. We were looking for a local handyman to help us with some jobs around the house so we could settle in and feel comfortable again. Handy Dandy was amazing! He communicated with us in a professional and timely manner. He was was quick, accurate and professional. After he learned that our house burned down he offered his services for free! Even when I refused, he wouldn’t give us a price and said it was on him. His compassion really helped me during a difficult time. I will always call on them, I trust their business and companies like Handy Dandy is what makes Boulder such a special community


Shana G.      Lower Arapahoe

Replaced our front door in Oct 2021. The work was well done, on time, and with open communication throughout. Did a great job with the entire process (removing old door, installing new, staining/finishing), addressing any issues quickly. I’ll be contacting them again for future projects.


Dan T.       Rural North Boulder

Have done 3 bathrooms in my house and a rental property with this  business, great work and they are very responsive on the phone, on time, and get work done quickly. Definitely have them in mind for future projects.


Andrew G.       Glenwood Grove

This contractor did an outstanding job from start to finish. He was careful, meticulous, and kept his timeline word, with adjustments for adverse weather conditions. His pricing is fair and given the quality of work a very good value. We give him the highest rating possible and would add a sixth star if possible.


Martin B.       Mapleton Hill

Utterly impressed with Boulder Handy Dandy! Will work with Anthony anytime! I asked him to make a huge change to the project very close to the start date. He made it work. I have received multiple compliments on my front door gate to the property from neighbors and such.


Melissa S.      Holiday Park Longmont

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