How it works

Reach out to us directly to discuss your project. We appreciate emails or texts with a description and pictures.  We specialize in jobs that are too big or too customized for an average handyman company but yet too small for a general contractor.  Upon meeting with you and viewing your project we will submit a written digital proposal to you for your project. We also offer service calls for handyman and repair jobs on a first come basis as available. 


Specializing in homeowner residential work in Boulder County

We only do what we are best at and that is providing a high level of finish and satisfaction to our Boulder neighbors. We only work on by owner residential projects in Boulder County  (No rentals or 3rd parties) .

Covid-19 information

Per company requirements we are all vaccinated and boosted. We are happy to observe any safety requirements you may have.


Pearl Street Boulder


Local Connections

Everyone who works for Boulder’s Handy Dandy lives and resides in Boulder County. Our payroll provides a reinvestment of capital back into our community.